root is a small service design studio, led by partners Veronica and Michael. We use an interdisciplinary design approach that combines human-centered design, systems thinking and design leadership to tackle problem-solving and innovation. At the core, we are visual designers with skills in UX/UI design, architecture, photography and fabrication, who enjoy creative challenges and meaningful aesthetics. 

Veronica is an experience designer, working with transdisciplinary and human-centered design research to tackle systemic challenges. She has been practicing as a visual designer and UX researcher, while serving as leader and coordinator for several community development projects, non-profit organizations and start-up companies between the United States, Honduras, Sweden and Italy. In 2016, she co-founded The Welcome Card, a systemic adaptable proposal to asylum-seeking and immigration processes. Her passions lay in the non-profit sector, innovative social enterprises and design with an ethical mission.

Michael is an architectural designer with experience in commercial and residential projects, furniture design and fabrication. After working in the design industry in Stockholm, Sweden for five years, he returned to the United States to focus on his architectural career. His passions lay in digital fabrication, prototyping and model making, with a particular enthusiasm for hacking and tinkering with guitars pedals, music gears, bicycles and just about anything that can be taken apart. 
We have lots in common, from a passion for design, art and tech, to adventures, food and music. Get in touch with us via the form below to start a collaboration, or get a quote for your project.
Luna "Bug" is our puppy dog of uncertain origins and breeds. There are more photos of her because she is cuter after all.
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User Experience Research, Design Research and Human-Centered Design Research
Service Design Conceptualization
Workshop and Design Leadership
Systems Thinking
Design Strategy
UI and Visual Design
Layout and Print Files

Presentation Layouts
Photography and Editing
Video Editing and Post-production
Custom Furniture Design and Planning
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